Registration Instructions

Online registration

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Do not delay in making your VISA arrangements for entry into Italy if needed. Such arrangements are the responsibility of attendees and other participants and may take up to a few months.

How to obtain a visa

Complete information on how to apply for a VISA to enter Italy can be found at the following website:

Instructions to request visa assistance

  1. Register for the conference with payment.
  2. You will have the opportunity to request a VISA Assistance letter as part of the registration process.
  3. Authors have the option to request their visa assistance letters via the ComSoc Visa Assistance Website:

Authors and non-authors who need hard copies of their visa assistance letters should make their request at the ComSoc Visa Assistance Website, as well. There is a $25USD mailing fee for hard copy requests.

If you have questions regarding VISA Assistance letters it is best to make that request through ComSoc's Visa Assistance Website in the field at the bottom of the page for additional comments: